Ruta 3 Circular

Teror - La Culata - Cruz Hoya alta - Teror

Ruta 3 Circular  -  Teror - La Culata - Cruz Hoya alta - Teror

Path R3 (Circular Teror - Las Rosadas - La Culata - Cruz Hoya Alta - Teror)

This path begins at the back of the Basilica and we will take on the street Casa Huerta until reaching a playground. Exactly next to this park we find some stairs. There, we will start the ascent, cross the main road to take the steps that will lead us to a cement track. 

We go up on that track until we arrive back to the main road. 

Turn left after about 200 meters and we'll enter on the street Isla de Gran Canaria. We continue straight on this street, then take the road of El Quebradero and later the street Cuesta de los Estanques. At the end of this rise we will have reached the main road of Teror-Valleseco. At this point we start to descend across a path on the left that will take us to the end of the street Las Rosadas. Now we should be in the area of ‌‌La Culata. First we ascend on cement tracks and later we continue climbing up on a dirt road. At the end of this rise we turn left and begin the descent to Teror. During that way we will find the Cruz de la Hoya Alta. At the end, in an area of ‌‌stairs we reach the main road Teror-San Mateo. There we turn left and walk about 250 meters. We find a signalized descent that puts down Teror, and that will be our final destination.

Points of interest:

Cruz de la Hoya Alta (cross)

It is located on the top of a mountain visible from the historic center of Teror.

It was placed the 1st of January 1901 to celebrate the entry in the 20th century. 

It was made in the village and then carried in pieces to the place. In May, several inhabitants of the municipality go to the place to cover the cross with branches. In traditional society the 3rd of May constituted a festivity and a rite that began the previous day. On the door of every house they cover a small cross with branches, and it continues with bigger crosses over roads and mountains, where the nearby neighborhood attends. It refers to a large proportions wooden cross.


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