S17 Senderos : Gastronómica

Gran Canaria - Santa Brígida - Teror

S17 Senderos : Gastronómica - Gran Canaria - Santa Brígida - Teror

This route crosses the town of Villa de Santa Brigida from the town centre to La Caldera de Pino Santo, geographic boundary with Teror. This is the road that goes to "Pa'l Pino", appropriately marked with the characteristic tiles from Santa Brigida.

It consists of the following sections :

Section 1: Santa Brígida-Lomo Espino-Merdejo-Pino Santo Alto

Distance: About 3000 metres. Approximate time: 1:30 hours

Section 2: Cuesta de La Caldera-Cruz en Lomo de La Mesa

Distance: About 1710 metres. Approximate time: 1 hour.

Route in Teror

Already in the town of Villa Mariana of Teror, the path of strong contrasting landscapes, narrow roads linking the natural and rural areas and small towns with populations. In a continuous up and down, dodging deep ravines, meandering paths drawn to crown our arrival at the center of Teror.

Section 1: La Caldera-El Faro.

Distance: About 1400 metres. Approximate time: 30 minutes.

Go along the road parallel to La Caldera till the bifurcation of Espartero, where we must continue straight. We walked through a small stretch of asphalt in which we can find, in shady areas, some bicácaro (Canarina canariensis), next to the capuchilla (Tropaeolum majus).

When the asphalt road ends a little before the Laurel ravine, it then becomes a cement track. Then a stone path to the left takes you to a yellow house (the n. # 39-B) and climbing a huge slope of cement to get back to the asphalt road. We are in the neighbourhood of El Faro, where there was formerly Tipical corner shop which were called “oil and vinegar shops” by the natives. There you may have a refreshment to cool off and face the next stage.

Section 2: El Faro-Cuesta de Falcón-El Álamo.

Distance: 1200 metres. Approximate time: 45 minutes.

Now, a cross next to the steps, allows us to go down to a new road. In the curve, we must turn right to ascend

to "La Cuesta de Falcón, on a stretch of  and land surrounded by Tederas  (bituminous Bituminaria) May flower (Pericallis webbii) trebolinas (Oxalis pes-caprae) and peas (Pisum sativum), to reach a group of pines, where we take the right again.

After taking another stretch of asphalt, we carry on right descending a considerable way to "La Cuesta Falcon" to reach the ravine bed of the Ojero. We crossed between the lush vegetation (reeds, eucalyptus, olive, etc..) to reach  the other side,  in zigzag, thanks to an old paved road that leads to the house n. 117 and the sports facilities of the Alamo and square of the Equality.

Section 3: Urban section from El Álamo to the town centre of Teror.

Distance: 1400 metres. Approximate time: 25 minutes

Now,  we must  to descend to "Pintora y Escultora Pino Falcon" street till the next junction, where you have to take at left hand by the La Ligüeña walk, and then by the road of Florian. In this stretch, we will find a Bridge to cross over the ravine of Teror and then go to the town centre by "El Chorrito" street.

Points of interest:

Casa del Vino (Wine House) of Gran Canaria

In Santa Brígida you will find the Casa del Vino of Gran Canaria (Wine House of Gran Canaria).This building, recently renovated, offers the tasting of a large range wine varieties of the island. The showroom gets you closer to the history of wine production in Gran Canaria, an island with a tradition of wine export to Europe that comes back from generations. Due to the diversity of microclimates the same grape variety can offer different oenological characteristics, depending from the growing area.

La Casa Del Vino has established itself as Wine Museum of the island, a space that combines the marketing and tasting of wines with the certificate of origin Gran Canaria. Therefore, if you are a sybarite traveller, we recommend you to stop in Santa Brígida, combining good weather, good food and good wine.

Address: Street Calvo Sotelo 26, 35300 - Santa Brígida

Phone (+34) 928 644 484

Schedule: Tuesday to Friday and Sunday from 10:00 to 14:00 hrs. Free admission.

Cold Cuts Factory Los Nueces

The factory "Los Nueces" in Teror is an eminently familiar company, a leader in the islands, which takes four generations 

preserving dedicatedly some recipes that contribute to give their products that peculiar flavour that makes them so special.

The company, supported by a history of almost 80 years in the market, is currently located on the street Fuente de la Higuera and from there, with specialized staff and selected raw materials, it offers for its customer’s handcrafted products of unique quality.

Its facilities and the processing plant are subjected to continuous control and efficiency processes within the strictest regulations, to provide excellent meat products. They maintain an efficient control over their sausages, ensuring high quality in their sweet blood sausage and fresh meat.

Since the 30s until now they have only changed for adapt to the new technologies, but have not modify at all the ancestral formula,

which makes, especially its sausage, the “authentic Teror sausage”.

Gastronomy in Teror

El Chorizo y la Morcilla (sausage and blood sausage)

The sausage from Teror is produced since several generations in the municipality and identified by its oval shape, its reddish colour (although also manufactured without the paprika which gives that pigmentation), the intense smell that gives the condiments, the softness, which allows to be spread on bread. The sausage contains ground beef, bacon, garlic, spices, salt, white wine and paprika.

Teror currently has three sausage factories that distribute the product throughout the archipelago.

The other sausage with denomination Teror are the blood sausages (morcilla), characterized by its sweet taste, which are made with cow blood, lard, almonds, sweet potato, raisins, onions, cinnamon and anise.

Baking and Pastry

Teror has a very good fame in making breads and sweets, which are handmade and also produced by important pastry companies located in the municipality.

Wood breads and sweets have great prestige in Teror, especially those made by using traditional methods, such as the truchas, scones, cakes (bizcochos) and marzipans. Also the turrones (nougats) have a great tradition and are very representative in popular fiestas.

The Gofio and Table Water 

Gofio (toasted corn meal) is another food with great tradition in the canarian gastronomy, identified with Teror, not only as a consumer of this product, but as a great producer for the regional market. Teror had in the past important gofio mills, some of them have survived to the modern times.

Concerning the drinks, the municipality is known for the excellence of its table waters, mainly from the Fuente Agria (sour source) with a special flavour caused by the mineral formation of the source.

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