Ruta 6 Circular

Teror - Puente de Molino - Peñón Chiquito - Cuesta Falcón - Teror

Ruta 6 Circular -   Teror - Puente de Molino - Peñón Chiquito - Cuesta Falcón - Teror


Section nr 1: Teror - El Chorrito - Monteverde - Fuente Agria - Puente Molino - El Hornillo - Peñón Chiquito - Muñigal.

The tour begins at the Plaza del Pino (square), facing the door of the church. We take the street Obispo Marquina on the left, straight ahead without turning, we go through the Plaza de la Mujer 

(woman's square) and cross the GC21 through the pedestrian crossing. On our left side we will find a small square with an informative sign about the different routes of Teror. The route continues on the street Calle del Chorrito, without deviation we pass along a bridge over a ravine and we continue to the left until the first house. There, we leave the road on the left; we go the stairs down until finding a path to the left. Through that we descend until the bottom of the ravine. We continue down across the ravine, always parallel to its bed, until finding a bridge. There, we have to go up on the left, searching the road. We continue along this road to the right in a slightly ascent until the crossing. We turn left to continue on a tarmac track until the end, where we find stairs between houses. There, we go down until finding a concrete track, whereby we continue down towards the Fuente Agria. There we can stop to taste the famous Agua Agria (sour water), which gives name to the Source.

The tour continues now on a road. At the crossing we take to the right, following this road without leaving it until the Puente Del Molino. We cross the bridge and start to climb on our right side along a zigzag paved path, until reaching a secondary road. 

We continue to the right between houses until finding the road indicator sign. 

Now begins a narrow pathway running through a small platform until arriving to the Cascada de la Gloria ( glory cascade ). We cross this small ravine and the way ascends the whole mountain until reaching a threshing floor in the area called Peñón Chiquito. The road continues to the right, down at the beginning and then coasting until an asphalt track in the area of El Muñigal.

Section nr. 2: Muñigal - Los Escaramujos - Las Cuevas - Cuesta Falcón - El Álamo – Teror.

A few meters before reaching the asphalt track we find a path on the left side. This road climbs towards some farmland (a small hut by side) and continues up until leaving it on the right before passing under some eucalyptus trees. We must be careful because now the road climbs beside a large rock wall. Once we come up, we are in the area of ‌Fuente de los Escaramujos, where we leave the road on the right to pass close to a big hollow in the wall. From now on the path runs coasting through a wide platform, passing by caves and ending at Cuesta Falcón. In this area we have to take the road S17 direction Teror. We go down across this sometimes paved road, between farmlands to the bottom of the ravine, and ascend on the other slope till reaching El Alamo. We follow the road down, between houses, and at the crossing we turn left on a road which we will not leave until reaching Teror, starting point of this route.

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